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Good Track Beading



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Here at Good Track Beading, we believe in keeping our ancestors way of life alive.  We've passed all our knowledge of how to bead and sew down to the next generation the best we could and now would like to share all of it with you.  All of it is done by hand and is a very beautiful way of expression.


Hours: 24 hrs

Here is one design that could be done with a star quilt.  Star Quilts were designed to honor someone among the people, or to protect the newborn child, and to remember the provisions of the buffalo for our people.  You can custom make any kind of star quilt you want and can choos the materials you would like it to be made out of.  Please feel free to ask any type of questions you would like.
Special Offer
This weeks special offer is beaded pens of various colors and/or you can special order a design.
How To Order:
Email or phone your orders in
Cash or money orders only please

616 3rd Ave. South
Wolf Point, MT 59201

Phone: 406-650-6305

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:
Here is a picture of some pairs of different colored earrings with the same design.  This type of design is made out of purely beads, and its quite a fashion item.  You can choose pretty much any color you would like with these.  You could get them custom made, or you could get a different style of earrings done if these aren't quite to your liking.


Here is a picture of a bunch of the different designs and styles in which we bead.  Its not a picture of everything we make, but it does give you a good idea of the things that we make.

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